A Letter from the Founder

Dear Parents, 

In 2009, I gave birth to my first child, at Forest Hills Hospital in Queens, New York.  She was a beautiful child with bright eyes ready to see the world.  Innately, I wanted to give her all that life had to offer and I knew as an educator just how important a solid foundation for cognitive and social development was to ensure a successful future.  As my daughter began to grow and became more and more independent and inquisitive, I cringed at the thought of sending her off to a babysitter’s home or to a daycare center, once I returned to work.  I wanted the best.  I wanted the highest quality, at a tuition rate that I could afford.  

Relentlessly, I researched, visited and examined various in-home childcare providers, daycare centers and nursery/preschools throughout Queens - until I was exhausted.  During my search for the perfect place, I found that many of the settings that I visited were missing something.  Either they were great care providers, in a small setting, yet lacked the educational expertise and a solid curriculum, which I believed was imperative for early education; or, they had experienced professionals and a good curriculum yet lacked the ability to provide the, individualized, quality care component because the class sizes where just too large.  

To add, I believe that every child learns differently.  There are no one-size fits all to cognitive development and intelligence.  Children can be word-smart, number-smart, music-smart, movement-smart, and so on.  There are multiple intelligences that one can build upon and various pathways to milestone developments.

I wanted my daughter to learn in an explorative environment with highly qualified professionals, a solid curriculum and where flexibility and individualized instruction is celebrated.  So I decided that I would create just that ... this model environment.  I devised a program in my immediate community that combined quality “care” with solid instructional practice and sound “curriculum”.  I like to call this process a Cariculum.

At Cariculum Preschool, we are solely focused on Early Education Matters.  Our environment is small, community-based and nurturing.  We are highly-trained professionals and skilled in early childhood research and instruction.  

We educate the whole child.

We look forward to your partnership in setting a solid foundation for a promising head start in the world, for your child, right here, in your community. 

Warmest regards,

L.M. Collins           

L.M. Collins, MPA, MSED, MED                                                                                                                                                                                       Founder, Carciculum Academy Preschool of Southeast Queens

 Laurelton, New York | 7185257775